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Added: 23th April 2008

Today evening w met to talk about project and about Bialystok – about what we like in this city and what we don’t like. Participants of project were talking what they behold in Bialystok. We were thinking about the reason why some dwellers of Bialystok think that this is drab and uninteresting city.

Added: 16th April 2008

Today we met to discuss organization issues connection with work with completion of materials to publication. We made decision about integration meeting, which will have place on the 23th of April, at 18.15. We are going to meet in front of History and Sociology Department University of Bialystok, Plac Uniwersytecki 1.

Added: 8th April 2008

Today we met with international volunteer. She told us about Her experiences with staying in Bialystok and about her work with exiles from Czeczenia. In the future, we want to make an open meeting for people interested in the topic of international volontaire.

See the photos from the meetings here.

Added: 3th April 2008

One of the events in our Project was the lecture of Alan Elsner, journalist and senior editor of Reuters, Washington DC. Alan Elsner puts all the knowledge and experience gained in 30-year international career reporting the world’s top stories into his new novel “The Nazi Hunter”.

The subject of the lecture was Ethic of Journalism. Sources of ethic norms and this norms seems to be share by journalists in all cultures…



Added: 19th March 2008

Today we had our organizational meeting. We were discussing about schedule of events:

3 April 2008: The lecture of Alan Elsner about Ethic of Journalism (History and Socjology Department, University of Bialystok, pl. Uniwersytecki 1, room no 108A, 14:40)

April 2008: Workshop IDENTITY. Coordinator: dr Katarzyna Sztop-Rutkowska (History and Socjology Department, University of Bialystok, pl. Uniwersytecki 1, the computer room (no 28)

14 May 2008: The International Day – one of the events during The Week of Arts Subjects (debate “We can like Bialystok”, array of photos)

28 May 2008: the sum of project – one of the events during The Festival of Science and Art

June 2008: Workshop MENTAL MAPS OF BIALYSTOK. Coordinator: mgr Rados³aw Poczykowskiego

Workshop TOLERANCE. Coordinator: Wojciech Koronkiewicz.

We will inform You about this events by posters, e-mails and our website.


Added: 13th March 2008

On the 13th of March we met on the culinary workhshop “Cusine of Podlasie” to LECH Guest House on Elewatorska street (no. 12). It was supervised by Andrzej Fiedoruk, an expert in local cuisine (the author of “Kuchnia Podlaska” and “Bialostockie smaki” among other publications). Participants of this events were foreigners who are staying in Bialystok and organizers of the project “Commonality and difference”. After short Andrzej Fiedoruk’s introduction we started to prepare traditional meals of Podlasie.

Our task wasn’t easy – we had to make dishes from the beginning. We divided on three groups and started to work. Each of groups had to prepare dishes - Ukrainian borsch, Potato cake and dumplings, Crackling cookies. After the eye of our coordinator we spent over two hours of nice, but not easy work. Our guests form other countries show great cooking talents. After our work, with great humour, we went to dining-room and we tried this yummy dishes. It was really fabulous feast, during which Andrzej Fiedoruk was talking about the history of regional cusine. This afternoon we can acknowledge as very successful. After full meal we come back home for sjesta with packets of food.

See the photos from the workshop here.



Added: 6th March 2008

Today two information meetings of the project toke place. We’ve meat with students, who are staying at the students’ exchange at The Technical University of Bialystok and at The University of Bialystok as the participants of The Socrates Erasmus Program. Meeting with students of The University of Bialystok started at 6 o’clock p.m. at the Students’ House no 1 on ¯eromskiego Street. Meeting at the students’ house of The Technical University started at 6:30 p.m.

See the photos from the meetings here.


Added: 27th February 2008

Today at The Faculty of History and Sociology of University of Bialystok toke place the first information meeting of the project ‘Commonality and difference. Bialystok and its dwellers in the eyes of foreigners’. The participants of the meeting were students from Finland and Portugal, who are staying at the students’ exchange at The Institute of Sociology of The University of Bialystok. At the meeting the presentation of the project toke place. Participants also saw the movie titled ‘I don’t understand.’ which is a documentation of the international volunteers’ impressions from their visit in Poland. After the meeting we’ve decided to go to the pub together.

See the photos from the meetings here.


Added: 19th February 2008

On the meeting of the organizers of the project the list of foreigners who are staying in the Bialystok have been completed. We’ve decided that the 1st information meeting of the project is going to take place on 27th February 2008. We are going to invite for it those foreigners who are now staying in the city. 2nd meeting is going to be on 4th March 2008 We are going to send an invitation for that meeting to those students who are coming to Bialystok in the end of February and in the beginning of March. We’ve planed also the events accompanying the project. These are going to be: the workshop on which the foreign students are going to prepare a guide to survival in Bialystok, the drawing the mental maps workshop which consists in drawing the Bialystok by foreigners, a one-day trip to Tykocin, Suprasl etc., the cuisine workshop-a lesson of preparing the regional meals joint with fist afterwards, going out for the party together.

We’ve prepared the information brochures which are going to be distributed on the information meetings.


Added: 14th February 2008

The web site of the project has been lunched. We’ve finished designing the posters which are going to be printed soon. The first of these is going to promote the 1st information meeting of the project.


Added: 5th February 2008

On 5th February 2008 we went to the Club Kabaret, where we had a pleasure to watch the spectacle ‘I don’t want to remember. I can’t forget.’ directed by students from The 6th secondary school of Sigmund August the King in Bialystok under the supervision of Anna Kloza. The spectacle was based on memories of the Bialystok’s ‘Saved’ from Holocaust: Szamaj Kizalsztejn, Miriam Jahav, Felicja Nowak. The performance was a part of the project ‘Jewish Heritage Trail in Bialystok’ proceeded by The University of Bialystok Foundation. The authentic way of acting of the young actors, the form and, first of all ,the matter of the spectacle, have caused that the noisy, overcrowded hall became silent. Up to the very end, thrilling silence was surrounding girls who were acting on the stage. This silence was intensifying tension increasing minute by minute among the viewers. The spectacle moved the Bialystok citizens, who once again had opportunity to remind themselves about multicultural origin of the city, and foreign visitors, who maybe were awaken to complex history of our city. The meeting was the occasion for bringing the multicultural past of the city up the same as its influence on the current character of the city. In the debate took part as well the young and the elderly citizens of Bialystok. The event brought the fact, that Bialystok was dwelled by such numerous Jewish society in the past, home to many people.  The places connected with  this society mentioned in the performance where the subject of the debate on this evening.


Added: 24th January 2008

We’ve informed the organizers of this year’s ‘Arts Subjects’ Week’ about our plan of organizing the ‘International Day’ during their event.


Added: 23th January 2008

Some people interested in giving help with realization of the project, joined the project group. They are students at The Faculty of History and Sociology, The Faculty of Law and The Faculty of Pedagogic and Psychology of The University of Bialystok. They took part in the meeting of organizers of the project, during which the decision of proceeding the evaluation of the project was taken. We’ve discussed our ideas on organizing ‘The International Day’ during this year’s ‘Arts Subjects’ Week’.



Added: 11th-23th December 2007

Catching up a contact with the foreigners, who are staying in Bialystok, is being proceeded. People involved in realization of the project are completing the information about the number of foreigners staying in the city and about their willingness of taking part in the project. We have been completing the list of pales, who are coming to Bialystok next year.

We closed December with printing the information brochures of the project and entering into cooperation with the organizations interested in the project.

Added: 13th December 2007

On the meeting of organizers of the project we’ve decided to enter into the cooperation with Academic Tourism Club and Erasmus Student Network (ESN) - organization stated on The Technical University of Bialystok. The projects of the information materials were approved. 

Added: 6th December 2007

On the meeting of organizers of the project we’ve fixed the details regarding the visualization of the projects web site and the posters and the content, which is going to be included in the projects information materials  and set on the posters. The decision on media by which we are going to promote the project was taken.


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